☆ sheph [ ʃɛp ] /luclives
☆ 20+
☆ transgender nonbinary (they/he)
☆ hungarian
☆ layton multishipper
☆ freelance nsfw illustrator
☆ graduated graphic design/art major
☆ pro-cgl

you dont know me, dont assume things about me or my gender expression, if my art makes you uncomfortable in any form then unfollow and/or block me

open image in new tab to see it in full!

sketches: $25 +$25/character
flats: $40
2 character flats: $55 +$40/character
minimals background: $10~20

↓ important information below ↓


Every commission is 100% private unless you'd like it to be posted on social media, in which case you may do so yourself while crediting back to me (on rare occasions i may ask to post myself)

Please always ask about availability in advance to make sure I'm open at the moment!

character reference sheets start at $100, please send a DM for further details

☆ I take both SFW and NSFW commissions

☆ I do loli, shota, kemono, various kinks see my f-list and ask in advance!

☆ scat, vore and very hardcore gore are not my fields, please refrain from including them

☆ prices may vary depending on complexity

☆ edits are limited to a maximum of 2 times

☆ i don't draw portraits/art based on irl people (sonas are ok!)

☆ only accept paypal (USD)

☆ don't work on weekends

☆ completion time depends on my personal schedule (can take a few days~1 month)
i work on first come first served basis so queues are more than possible

please always DM me on twitter, i can't keep up with baraag messages

clive x luke guide
(canon divergence/based on my art)

original designs from professor layton and the unwound future

luke triton

13 / trans boy (he/him) / homoflexible

being the emotionally intelligent boyfriend he is, luke has little to no problems with showing affection. he enjoys outdoor activities, stuffies, talking to animals, dressing up, cooking and being around clive. he's usually busy with chores but he still likes playing and coloring to relax.

clive dove

24 / cis dude (he/him) / bisexual

being older doesn't always mean being the more functional one, thus clive would rather spend his time playing video games and teasing his boyfriend than wash a single plate. as an ex-convict he's trying to better himself for luke, although if people knew about their relationship they would probably think otherwise.