☆ sheph [ ʃɛp ], luclives
☆ 20+
☆ trans (he/him)
☆ hungarian
☆ layton multishipper
☆ pro-cgl

I block whoever I want to



+$20 /character


$40 for 1 character

$65 for 2 characters

ask about price
if you want
3 or more

simple background OK!


☆ every commission is 100% private unless you'd like to post it on social media

☆ please always ask about availability in advance to make sure I'm open at the moment!

☆ after discussing the commission details you'll get a link to my queue where you can track the progress in real time

☆ both SFW and NSFW OK!

☆ i can do loli, shota, kemono and various kinks see my f-list and ask in advance!

☆ scat, vore and very hardcore gore are not my fields, please refrain from including them

☆ prices may vary depending on complexity

☆ edits are limited to a maximum of 2 times

☆ i don't draw portraits/art based on irl people (sonas are ok!)

☆ paypal only (USD)

☆ i don't work on weekends

☆ completion time depends on personal schedule (can take a few days~a couple weeks)

☆ twitter DMs are preferred but if you dont have an account you can DM on baraag (@ me and click on the envelope icon under toot privacy settings)

luke triton

💔 dislikes
messy roomsmeaniesthunderscary thingsbeing alone

🤍 kinks 🤍

🌈 homoflexible
💙 trans boy
🍰 june 9 (13)

💗 likes
clivefood and cookinglooking cuteanimalscuddlesbluepuzzlescartoons

clive dove

💔 dislikes
socializinglaw enforcementpeoplesnailspuzzles

🤍 kinks 🤍

🌈 bisexual
💙 cis guy
🍰 february 14 (24)

💗 likes
lukedrinkingsmokingsexthrillersmelatonin gumysfuta milf pornjunk food

original designs from professor layton and the unwound future